The Analytical Research Center

S o c i u m


The Analytical Research Center "Socium" (Novosibirsk) was founded in October, 1994 to do market research and to provide informational and analytical consulting services in business, political and managerial spheres. The Center staff includes over 10 people, among them there are competent experts in sociology, market studies, mass media and mathematical methods in social sciences and economics.

Over 300 projects have been carried out by "Socium" for federal and municipal administrative agencies, production and commercial companies and mass media so far. The Center is a member of the Russian Sociological Society and Novosibirsk Sociological Association.

Our personnel consist of:
  • A team of qualified experts in sociology sociological and market studies using up-to-date techniques such as:

    • Quantitative ( face-to-face survey, business-to-business survey, Hall test, etc.);
    • Qualitative ( in-depth interviews, Focus group discussions, Mystery shopping, Elite, etc.);
    • Documentary (Desk study)

  • A staff of skilled interviewers (220 individuals);
  • Distribution group of information products and business data (reference books, data bases).
  • Press-Group having close links with mass media and carrying out Public Relations programs;
At our disposal there are:

  • All necessary facilities for carrying out field (primary) part of studies in Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Omsk, Tumen, Kemerovo Districts and Altai Territory of the Western-Siberian Region as well as in main cities of these areas;
  • Links with agencies and companies dealing with market research in Siberia and Russia;
  • Data bases of Russian trade companies in various fields of market;
  • Regional advertising efficacy studies (Pre, Post, Tracking);
  • Regularly updated information about urgent economic and social problems of Novosibirsk region.


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